Mission-Driven, Impact-Focused.

At the Center for ReSource Conservation, we believe in implementing conservation programs that generate the greatest impact on our non-renewable resources through community participation. We offer practical and accessible sustainability programs that put conservation into action in Front Range communities. Take a closer look at some of the ways we have leveraged your support to drive conservation results in our communities.

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Our Annual Impact

CRC Annual Impact


Total People Served Annually

CRC has worked with more than 73,000 community members this year, to help them live more sustainably. Thanks to your support, our conservation programs continue to flourish and expand, helping an even broader community put conservation into action.


Pounds of Material Diverted

ReSource diverted over 3.8 million pounds of building material from landfills in 2015 from a single ReSource location. That is the equivalent of one million people producing no trash for one full day. Home deconstruction produces an average of 150 tons of waste per house. Deconstructing a home prevents 110 to 140 tons of material from entering a landfill. In addition, the EPA estimates that the equivalent of 250,000 single-family homes are disposed of each year, containing an estimated 1 billion-plus board feet of available salvageable structural lumber. Reusing this lumber would save 4,250,000 trees on 150,000 acres of timberland annually!


Gallons of Water Saved

Slow the Flow and our other water conservation programs helped over 1,700 homeowners to conserve 160 million gallons of water in 2015. Through partnerships with more than two dozen water utilities, Slow the Flow supports municipal water conservation efforts throughout the Front Range. New initiatives target commercial kitchens and businesses, and provide assessments and equipment upgrades that increase water use efficiency while reducing overall consumption.


Xeriscape Gardens Planted

In 2015, Garden In A Box delivered over 2,000 low-water perennial gardens to about 1,500 customers. By planting these gardens, we converted approximately 21 acres of landscape  into xeriscape gardens, reducing water use by up to 60%. Planting these beautiful gardens resulted in a potential water savings of almost two million gallons in 2015 alone.


Students Engaged in Conservation

In 2015, ReNew Our Schools youth engagement competitions have challenged over 16,000 students to find ways to help their 26 respective schools reduce energy demand between an average of  7 and 10.4%, awarded almost $140,000 in energy retrofits to local schools, and created a lasting opportunity for continued learning and change by supporting new environmental clubs in these schools.

Community Impact

Last year you joined almost 73,395 others in putting conservation into action. If we all gathered to celebrate our achievements, we would just about fill the house at Sports Authority Field at Mile High! Your individual actions create significant conservation impact, ensuring that our community will continue to thrive. We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and of our growing community. Next year, let’s fill an Olympic stadium!

dollarYou Can Make an Impact

Your gift is put to work directly in the community, allowing our reach and impact to occur right in your backyard. With your support, we can expand our programs, leverage our expertise to build new conservation programs, and engage the larger sustainability community in active ways that have a positive and measurable impact.

Please make a gift today to support more and better sustainability programs across Colorado.