ReNew our Schools

The ReNew Our Schools program is made possible by private donors and a partnership between BVSD and the Center for Resource Conservation. Six schools were selected to participate in the program over the course of 2009 and 2010: BCSIS/High Peaks,  Boulder Valley Career and Technical Education Center (BVCTEC), Fireside Elementary, Flatirons Elementary, Mesa Elementary and Monarch K-8. Each participating school created an Action Plan for how it will teach the school and greater school community about renewable energy through their participation in the program.

Check out these schools’ detailed solar data web pages, which include minute-by-minute displays of energy produced, energy used, CO2 offsets, and more:


BVSD Solar Schools

Including the ROS schools, there are 13 BVSD schools with solar. Here is a complete list of schools with photovoltaics:

• Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies/High Peaks(BCSIS/HP)
• Boulder Valley Career and Technical Education Center (BVCTEC)
• Casey Middle School
• Crest View Elementary
• Fireside Elementary
• Flatirons Elementary
• Jamestown Elementary
• Manhattan Arts and Academics
• Mesa Elementary
• Nederland
• New Vista High School
• Sanchez Elementary
• Sombrero Marsh


Did you know there are solar panels on your school generating electricity right now?