Water Programs For Homeowners

Xeriscape (low-water) Seminars and Assistance
Every spring the CRC hosts numerous free workshops on the how-to’s of xeriscaping. Everything from getting started to more advanced topics, there is surely a seminar to suit your needs. Check our upcoming FREE Xeriscape Seminars.

Xeriscape Resources
We have numerous resources available at our office to help you learn more about xeriscaping, including books, brochures and informational handouts.

Garden In A Box
East Boulder Rec Center 020The Garden In A Box is a professionally designed, preplanned xeriscape (low-water) garden. The program was developed a number of years ago and is designed to provide an easy, and affordable, way for people to learn about and install xeriscapes. We have found that though many are interested in the concept of a low-water landscape, they are often overwhelmed by the plant selection and design process or simply do not have the time or money to invest in the design process.

The Garden-In-A-Boxes kits are pre-sold and available in May. When you pick up your kit it includes healthy starter plants, planting designs and care instructions.

Garden-In-A-Box demonstration gardens have been planted around Boulder in cooperation with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation. Check out gardens at the East Boulder Recreation Center, George Reynolds Library and North Boulder Recreation Center.

Slow the Flow Outdoors

Irrigation Audit Our innovative irrigation inspection program called “Slow the Flow”, provides a FREE inspection of residential and commercial irrigation systems. An Irrigation Inspection consists of a series of tests that determine how efficient the irrigation system is. An inspector will check the application rate, uniformity, and pressure of the system as well as the soil type and root depth in the landscape to determine how the efficiency of the system can be improved upon and to develop an appropriate watering schedule for the landscape.

The entire process takes up to a couple of hours for the average residence and varies for commercial and industrial properties depending on the size of the irrigation system. This service is available June through August in participating communities.

Slow The Flow Indoors

Indoor 7The Slow the Flow Indoors is a FREE indoor water use inspection program available to residents of participating Colorado water providers. The indoor water audits are performed by trained auditors.

For more information please visit the Slow The Flow Indoors webpage.

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