How to Conserve Water Indoors

Water savings indoors can be achieved by installing low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads (all readily available at local hardware stores) and purchasing water-efficient dish and clothes washers. The following table shows the potential savings from these retrofits.

Potential Water Savings From Conversion to Water-Efficient Fixtures and Appliances

Plumbing Fixtures Water Use:
High Efficiency Models
Water Use:
Pre-1980 Models
Per-Capita Reduction in Daily Water Use by This Fixture or Applicance
Toilets 1.6 gal per flush 5-7 gal per flush 58%
Faucets 0.5-2.5 gal per min 3-7 gal per flush 13%*
Clothes washers
(14lb. capacity)
24-48 gal per wash 56 gal per wash 38%
Dishwashers 7 gal per wash 9.5-14 gal per wash NSS
Sources: Amy Vickers. Handbook of Water Use and Conservation. Amherst, Mass.: WaterPlow Press (2001). William DeOreo et al., “Retrofit Realities,” Journal AWWA (March 2001)

* Estimated based on retrofitting faucets with aerators, not replacing the entire faucet.
NSS = Not statistically significant

It is also crucial to detect and correct leaks in toilets, faucets, and pipes and to turn off water when not in use during activities such as teeth brushing or while sudsing up in the shower.

Check with your local municipality on rebates for purchasing appliances that are water and energy efficient.

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