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Garden In A Box:
is intended to simplify water-wise gardening by providing professional “plant-by-number” designs, a selection of xeriscape plants, and planting and care instructions all below retail costs.

Water-Wise Philosophy:
Landscaping in our arid Colorado climate doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are many wonderful plants that require little water and do well in our clay and sandy soils. Put a few of these species together and you’ve created a beautiful xeriscape, or water wise landscape.

We’ve done the planning and design process for you to make establishing your own xeriscape a breeze. Featured designs were created by professional landscape designers with the do-it-your-selfer in mind. All of the xeriscape garden collections thrive in Colorado’s arid climate and prefer full sun or partial shade.

Read tips and tricks for planning a xeric garden.

Read here about the Garden In A Box demonstration gardens.

Garden Essentials:
CRC offers additional tools for saving water and also makes planting your garden easy. We sell vegetable gardens,  drip kits, control clocks and premium organic soils and offer garden consultations, planting services, and gift certificates. Details are provided on each garden page below.

If you do not wish to order online:

1. Call 303.999.3820 Ext. 222

  • Gifts and Services:
  • Surprise everyone with the gift of a garden. We  provide gift certificates for those special occasions including: Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Seasonal Holidays, Home Closing Gifts and many more!


Pictures courtesy of High Country Gardens, Little Valley Wholesale Nursery, Utah Government, City of Loveland,, and

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