Water Division

The Center for ReSource Conservation’s Water Division develops and implements educational programs and services that help Colorado residents, businesses, and municipalities increase water use efficiency, adhere to the best management practices, and reach conservation goals.

Water Division All-City Report

Have a look at what the Water Division has been up to this past year. This report includes detailed information about our programs as well as survey results and statistics for the work we accomplished in 2013. We have a busy year ahead and look forward to helping residents across the West save more water and resources. Click All City Report 2013 Final for the All-City Report PDF.

Water Conservation Programs

Water Conservation Resources

Measuring Our Water Conservation Impact

The Center for ReSource Conservation does not simply offer water conservation programs.  We also strive to measure the impact of our programs on our customers,  municipal partners, and water resources.  Since 2012, the CRC has put significant time and effort in developing a Research and Evaluation position that works with our municipal partners to analyze water savings from our programs.   For more information please visit our Research and Evaluation webpage.


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