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The Tool Library movement continues to gather momentum in the United States. There are now more than two dozen Tool Libraries operating from coast to coast – several of which have been in business for more than 30 years – and new ones are opening every year. At the ReSource Tool Library we are regularly in contact with many of our Tool Library brothers and sisters, and we’re proud to be a part of this growing community of resource-sharing pioneers. To visit some of the nation’s other Tool Libraries please click the links below:

Bend Tool Library (Bend, Or)
Berkeley Tool Lending Library (Berkeley, CA)
Grosse Point Tool Library (Grosse Point, MI)
Hands On New Orleans Tool Lending Library(New Orleans, LA)
Loma Linda Tool Lending Library (Loma Linda, CA)
Matthew 25 Tool Library (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Missoula Urban Demonstration Project Tool Library(Missoula, MT)
North Portland Tool Library (Portland, OR)
NorthEast Portland Tool Library (Portland, OR)
Southeast Portland Tool Library (Portland, OR)
Oakland Tool Lending Library (Oakland, CA)
Orem City Tool Lending Library (Orem City, UT)
Phinney Neighborhood Association Tool LendingLibrary (Seattle, WA)
ReBuilding Together Central Ohio Tool Library(Columbus, OH)
San Francisco Tool Lending Center (San Francisco, CA)
Santa Fe Tool Library (Santa Fe, NM)
Santa Rosa Tool Library (Santa Rosa, CA)
Keep Austin Beautiful Tool Lending Library (Austin, TX)
West Philly Tool Library (West Philadelphia, PA)
West Seattle Tool Library (Seattle, WA)

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