Waste Division

ReSource (aka ReSource yard), promotes waste reduction through innovative landfill diversion programs. ReSource annually diverts millions of pounds from the landfill and is the recipient of local and national awards.

The ReSource yard salvages new and used building materials and resells them at great prices, making it possible to reuse and recycle building materials that are traditionally discarded during construction and demolition (C&D) and basic remodeling. ReSource develops custom deconstruction plans and provides a pickup service.

Visit ReSourceYard.org


The ReSource Tool Library is open daily and lets members borrow from a diverse tool inventory at affordable rates.  The Tool Library also offers Tool School classes.



Integrity and bliss through deconstruction, Conservation magazine (PDF)
Economics of deconstruction, Remodeling magazine (PDF)
The Building Materials Reuse Industry Best Practices study is now available for download.

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