Flood Relief

Flood Relief, Recovery, and Rebuilding.

The Center for ReSource Conservation hosted a food collection at ReSource Boulder and donated two shopping carts full of food to the local food bank.

CRC’s landfill diversion program, ReSource is proud to serve as a community hub for rebuilding materials, tool rental, and reconstruction knowledge in this time of need.

Those recovering from flood damage will receive 10% off materials purchased  from ReSource Fort Collins and ReSource Boulder.  ReSource offers plenty of rebuilding options including lumber, siding, insulation and cabinets. Click here for a full list of accepted materials.

Between now and the end of the year we will be offering a free ReSource Tool Library membership to folks who experienced flood damage. Normally a $25 value, a Tool Library membership offers access to over 2,000 different tools including plumbing snakes, air nailers, carpet kickers and much more.  Many of these tools rent for under $5 per day. Visit theReSource Tool Library here or give us a call at 303-419-5418.

Our experienced team is on site to help answer questions and support the community as we rebuild together.

Also please note,  Xcel Energy is offering Bonus Flood Rebates to replace flood-damaged equipment, such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters, air conditioners and evaporative coolers. In some cases this will more than DOUBLE their existing rebates!  Rebates are retro-active to Sept. 12 for qualifying equipment.  Click here for all details.  EnergySmart can help residents and businesses in all Boulder County communities submit rebate applications, select energy efficient equipment and find contractors.  Sign up today at EnergySmartYES.com or call for HOMES @ 303-544-1000 & BUSINESSES @ 303-441-1300.

If you cannot use HTML code or access hyperlinks for Quick Topic message boards and online postings, here are the actual website links.

Go to http://www.xcelenergy.com/floodrebates for all the details.

Sign up today at http://www.EnergySmartYES.com or call for HOMES @ 303-544-1000 & BUSINESSES @ 303-441-1300.


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