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Solar Thermal Rebate Program

The last round of the Solar Thermal Rebate Program ended in February 2009. Please read on for an overview of the previous rebate program and stay tuned for future incentives.

Program history

The Center for ReSource Conservation (CRC), Boulder County and the City of Boulder were selected by The Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) and the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CoSEIA) to administer its Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) Rebate Program in Boulder County, effective February 2, 2009.

The Solar Rebate Program was created by the GEO in response to the growing demand for renewable energy incentives to allow homeowners and businesses to harness Colorado's abundant solar resources. CoSEIA administered the program for the GEO. The program was designed to provide rebates for solar technologies to Colorado residents and businesse. The GEO provided matching grants to program partners with the goal of developing local solar rebate programs. By partnering with cities, utilities and non-profit organizations through a matching grant program, the funding for rebates was effectively doubled.

Program details

Rebates for home and business owners were issued for systems installed after the official launch date of February 2, 2009 only. The CRC — in partnership with Boulder County and the City of Boulder — offered the available rebates:


Tier 1

$1,500 REBATE: Output of 60,000 BTU/day, based on SRCC ratings at clear day/C interval, with an 80 gallon minimum solar tank size.
Tier 2
  $750 REBATE: Output of 30,000 – 59,999 BTU/day, with a 50 gallon minimum solar tank size.
Colorado residents
Solar thermal systems installed after February 2, 2009
Homeowner-installed systems do not qualify for a rebate through this program

See Program Details & Conditions for more information.



The Orphan Hot Water System Repair (Orphan Solar) rebate was not offered this past cycle due to budget cuts.

Program participation

Participants completed the Boulder County Rebate application: Solar Domestic Hot Water Rebate Form
Next, a professional from the list of qualified solar installers was contacted for a system design and quote. Obtaining two to three competitive quotes was recommended.
Participants then submitted PART I of the rebate application to the CRC, along with a price estimate for the project. The CRC contacted participants upon receipt to confirm that that the rebate was reserved.
A professional energy audit was done on each participating home home. Subsidized REAP audits were included. Click here to learn more about REAP audits.
Once the installation was complete, PART II of the rebate application was submitted along with required documents to the CRC. Rebates were processed and issued within four to six weeks.

Contact JC Martel at (303) 999-3820 ext.224 or email reap@conservationcenter.org to learn more.






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