ReNew Our Schools Energy Conservation Competition

The ReNew Our Schools Program is an energy conservation competition where schools compete to win a $20,000 prize for energy retrofits for their school.  Schools compete by conserving electricity in school and in homes in their community. The competition empowers students to learn real-world energy concepts, work with local energy experts and become leaders in their school community.

Read our ReNew Our Schools, 2013 white paper report on eGauge real-time electricity monitors.

Here’s what some participants had to say about ReNew Our Schools

“The contest inspired my peers and me to make a difference. It really taught us that even though we may be a small group of people, we can make a huge difference environmentally.                                                      -student from Summit Middle School

“Thanks for your time and effort with all of this. It has been a great experience in raising awareness for our club and our entire school.”       -teacher from a participating school


    The competition, funded by a private family foundation, has been administered through the Center For ReSource Conservation since 2007.  It is a partnership between the CRC, a non-profit environmental organization, and a school district(s).  This unique set of partners work together to provide an excellent competition experience for the schools.

To learn more about the competition and eligibility to participate reach Senior Director Sustainability- Dan Stellar and ReNew Our Schools Program Coordinator- Kathy Croasdale

2014 April Winners in Aurora Public Schools

  • Winning schools are Aurora Quest K-8, Southmiddle and Elkhart Elementary

12 schools competed (10,000 students!)

78,000  kWh saved at schools over 20 days (weekends not included)

12 permanent real-time energy monitors installed in competing schools

3 families received netbooks from Comcast Internet Essentials

2014 January-February Winners in St. Vrain Valley School District

  • The two elementary school winners of $20,000 each:
    Central Elementary
    Eagle Crest Elementary
  • The secondary school winner of $20,000:
    Westview Middle School
  • The runner ups who will receive $1,000 each for energy and sustainability toolkits and/or classroom materials:
    Fall River Elementary
    Red Hawk Elementary
    Thunder Valley K-8

12 schools competed (6,000 students!)

32,292 kWh saved at schools over 20 days (weekends not included)

12 permanent real-time energy monitors installed in competing schools

2013 Spring Winners in St. Vrain Valley School District

  • Erie Elementary School
  • Sunset Middle School
  • Erie High School

14 schools competed (over 9,900 students!)

78,000 kWh saved at the schools in 2 month competition

1,800 households participated in behavioral conservation measures

8,900 kWh of potential savings for suggested improvements to the schools

3 winning schools awarded prize money to make energy efficiency retrofits to their school, such as adding a solar array, solar tubes or switching to more efficient lighting

14 permanent real-time energy monitors installed in competing schools

2011 Awarded Schools and the new energy conservation competition process:

2010 Awarded Schools: View 2010 and earlier winners here.

2009 Awarded Schools:

  • Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies/High Peaks (Aurora 7)
  • Boulder Valley Career and Technical Education Center (BVCTEC)  
  • Click here to see a slide show of the BCSIS/High Peaks Solar Portfolio.


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